Useful tips when deciding to rent a car

When in vacation, renting a car is necessary.

This helps you not spending your money on taxi rides and prevents you from relying on the unpredictible schedule of the public transportation

However, the whole process of renting a car can be very unpleasant both for the persons travelling for the first time and for the ones that have some experience so far.

In this article you will find some helpful ideas when you have to decide what is the perfect car for you.

Define your needs about the car

Here at Parc Arc Drive we offer you a wide variety of options meant to cover all the needs of the market. Considering this, it’s important to define your travel needs before taking any decision.

Are you travelling long-distance? If the answer is yes, you have the option to choose a luxury experience meant to offer you higher level of comfort if on budget.

At the same time, you may wish for a car with more space in case you have lots and lots of luggage, or maybe you wish for a convertible in case you hope for the perfect weather.

The better your needs are defined the more confident you will be when choosing a rent car.

Ask for the technical details of the car

You don’t want to experience travelling with a car you don’t know well.

Details like on what side is the steering wheel found, is it an automatic or a manual car, does it have autopilot or not, are important to take into consideration before driving a car.

You surely have by now your own driving style and the car must suits your style so you can feel comfortable all the way.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better

Big cars are more consuming. Also they are usually harder to drive especially in the cities with narrowed streets or few parking slots.

Medium-sized cars are the most popular vehicles people choose to rent in Romania.

Most of the medium-sized cars tend to consume less gas than the bigger ones and also are more affordable.

Get informed!

After you define your needs and also think of what car size is more suitable for you is important to look for the terms and conditions especially when booking your car online.

Some of the things you have to consider are:

  • Are there any penalties or late fees to be paid?
  • What kind of car rental services are included? (free GPS, driver etc.)
  • Are there any travel restrictions? Are there any other responsabilities you need to know of?

As you can see, you have to consider a lot of things before renting a car. Start by defining your needs and then think about the car that suits you best.

If you encounter any problem during the process of renting a car in Cluj-Napoca or Romania do not hesitate to contact us.