Why ArcDrive rent a car Cluj-Napoca?


Fast response to the needs of our customer forcar rental service. Free delivery, fast and punctual to the Airoport or anywhere in Cluj-Napoca.

Variety and quality

Various types of cars for rent, quality at the best prices. Rent a Car in Cluj from 10Euro/day.

021-safety car

Comfort and safty

Rental cars in Cluj always ready for the road. The comfort and the pleasure to drive very well-maintained rental cars is provided by Arc Drive Rent a Car Cluj.

Our story

ArcDrive is the company born from the passion for the automotive field, but also from the desire to offer quality rent a car services, after a less pleasant experience that I had a few years ago. Then I thought about the possibility of starting a local business, a family business in this field focused on the customer, on satisfying his real needs, keeping in mind the model of an optimal service according to the experience I had consumed.
Approaching from the client’s perspective, it seemed to me from then on the competitive advantage that would distinguish us from other car rental companies in the market. So, very soon our optics proved to be a real success, managing to penetrate a rather crowded and constantly expanding market, having a fierce competition with big players, some already established in the profile market. However, despite a discouraging reality for a start-up at that time, we set off relying on the creation and development of customer-oriented rent a car services, on the possibility of customizing them, which have reserved a well-deserved place in the local market. car rentals in Cluj.

FREE insurance

You benefit from RCA, CASCO and Rovinieta insurance for FREE.
To give you an extraordinary experience.


We provide 24/7 assistance
We are your partners in this journey


We have a fleet of rental cars quite diverse both in terms of brands and models, equipment or engines, both with automatic and manual transmission, which helps us to easily create personalized offers to all customers. our. Whether you want a convertible or an SUV, a sports car, a family car with modern equipment or just a modest car that involves the lowest costs, you can rely entirely on us.

We can also offer for rent additional equipment according to your needs, such as: GPS, child seat, additional trunk, WI-FI router or ski stand.

Mercedes Vito 2018, 2,2 CDI 136 CP
Ford Focus 2019 automatic, 1,5 TDCI 120 CP
Ford Focus 2016 2,0 TDCI 140 CP
Ford Focus 2017 motor 1,5 TDCI 120 CP
Ford Focus 2016, 1,0 Benzina 125 CP
Ford Focus 2016, 1,5 TDCI 120 CP EURO 6
Volkswagen EOS, 1,4 Benzina TSI,122 CP
Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI 4 WD,198 CP 4x4
FORD FOCUS 2016 1.5 TDCI 120 HP
Ford Kuga 4×4 2013 2000 TDCI

Booking and online payment

You can book the desired car by phone, email, WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger, and then pay online on our website. We provide these communication options because we take into account the diverse preferences of the beneficiaries of our services.

If you have become accustomed for various reasons to a certain means of communication, we hope you will find it with us, otherwise you can send us suggestions in this regard.


We offer for rent our well-maintained, sanitized, disinfected and technically checked cars (ITP performed).

We are quite involved in activities such as cleaning and sanitizing cars as well as their technical inspection by specialists in the field, rigorously respecting the deadlines of periodic inspections or all service needs that arise during their operation.

Affordable prices

The prices we charge are affordable, and the services meet the expectations of most of our customers, their testimonials indicating this.

We are constantly striving to meet the demands of all who cross our threshold.

We reward the loyalty of our customers.

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We practice discounts for the beneficiaries of our services.