Start your adventure quickly and easily, no matter where you’re going. We’re here to give you the best possible start to your journey. For this, we provide you with luxury, comfortable and high-performance cars at affordable car rental rates, so that you can have beautiful experiences. We know that your time is precious and the excitement to get away as soon as possible is very high. That’s why we’ve created a fast and flexible drop-off and pick-up process for any type or model of car you need. Whether you’re set on experiencing luxury, travelling or growing your business, with our rental service you have multiple options to choose from to suit you at any time. Enjoy life, a variety of experiences and safe, affordable cars with Arc Rent a Car Cluj.

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FORD FIESTA 2019 AUTOMATIC€55€50€45€40€35Rezerva

MERCEDES VITO€80€75€70€65€55Rezerva

FORD FOCUS 2019 AUTOMATIC€60€55€50€45€39Rezerva

FORD FOCUS 2017 MANUAL€45€40€38€32€30Rezerva

FORD FOCUS 2016 AUTOMATIC€45€40€38€32€30Rezerva

FORD KUGA 2016 MAUNAL€65€60€55€50€45Rezerva

FORD KUGA 2018 AUTOMATIC€70€65€60€55€50Rezerva

FORD KUGA 2017 AUTOMATIC€70€65€60€55€50Rezerva

FORD FOCUS MANUAL 2019€55€50€45€40€34Rezerva

FORD TRASIT CONNECT 2016€65€60€55€50€45Rezerva

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