7 tips for a succesful road trip

Do you love a good driving experience? Do you love that feeling you can’t really describe into words? We have gathered in this article 7 tips meant to help you have the best driving experience. 1. Don’t leave it to the last second. Rent your car in advance. If you do not own a car […]

5 must see tourist attractions in Cluj-Napoca

We know very well how challenging is to start creating a list with all the attractions you must see when travelling. This is why we are here to give you a hand. We want to happily introduce you our favourite places in Cluj-Napoca. But first let us tell you a couple of things about this […]

Useful tips when deciding to rent a car

When in vacation, renting a car is necessary. This helps you not spending your money on taxi rides and prevents you from relying on the unpredictible schedule of the public transportation However, the whole process of renting a car can be very unpleasant both for the persons travelling for the first time and for the […]